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  • Custom Embroidered Orders

    Contact us and we’ll put together a quote for you…

    How do I find prices for embroidered or printed clothing?

    Here at Smart T’s we are constantly reviewing prices for bespoke branding to be able to offer the best rate possible and remain competitive. So, if you would like Smart T’s to cost your particular project, please contact us by phone, email or via the Contact page. Your enquiry will be answered promptly to meet your budget.

    Unfortunately manufacturer’s prices for their apparel change all too frequently – often through exchange rate fluctuations or market forces with cotton yield rates so it isn’t possile to put a price list online at present.

    You can see a small selection of Embroidery work in the Custom Gallery. Just click on the Embroidered Shirts option just below the page title to see them.

    What do I need to tell you to get a price for my order?

    • supply your design/logo (embroidery is priced on number of stitches)
    • garment style (T, Polo, Sweat, Hoodie, Rugby, Fleece etc)
    • shirt quality (short term wear, regular wear ‘fashion’/’leisure’, regular wear ‘work’ environment)
    • colour of logo (will it show on the colour of garment I have chosen?)
    • garment colour (will the logo show on this colour garment?)
    • quantity (low volume 1 or 2, mid volume 10+ or high volume 100+)

    Generally we need to see your design or logo to be able to assess the number of stitches; this will require your sending the design to us in advance of a quotation being calculated; in some cases we may be able to use our experience and offer “estimates” without seeing the image but all will be subject to sight of artwork – simple “company names”, in standard fonts, can usually be estimated but if you have text in a curve or graphics or unfamiliar fonts, we must insist on viewing the image before confirming prices. If you use our design service to create your artwork, unfortunately we will not be able to quote or estimate until the design is completed and a full stitch-count is calculated.

    Next, we assume you want embroidery, either to create a better impression or you need greater longevity or possibly higher temperature washing; so, you will need to consider the quality and style of the garment you intend to have branded; there is little point contemplating low-grade garments as they will not be heavy enough to take the stitching but there are perfectly good t-shirts that can accept this decoration process – we can easily advise on which to use; equally you may need to look in greater detail at the wash temperatures shown with garments, such as Polo shirts – this will likely mean washing at temperatures of 60º for ‘mechanics’ or even 90º for ‘catering’ staff, making any print process unwise but embroidery will stand up to most of this. Whatever your needs – whether that be durability, longevity or comfort (or all three!) –  the end-use will help us to determine the right garment to best fulfil your requirements. See our On-Line catalogue for most of our range here.

    Your order of garments may include a mixture of colours and that may necessitate thread colour changes during the run; generally we are happy to make a change for one thread colour to another without charge; however, we cannot make continual changes on low volume orders without passing on the cost of the ‘down-time’ incurred in doing this.

    It may also be wise to consider your design colour(s) from the outset so that mix colours of garments are suitable for the design to show clearly or the disk written to make it possible to change part of the logo without effecting other areas. For eample: you are part of a Darts Team and have a logo of a “dartboard” with Red text around it that you want to embroider onto both Light Blue shirts and onto Red shirts; obviously the Red text will not show up so well on the Red shirts, so you decide to change the text for Blue thread on the Red shirts; BUT, if ONE needle is used for ALL the Red areas, the “text” will change AND the ‘bullseye’ will change, too; however, with a little forethought the embroidery programme may be written to separate the “text” and the “bullseye” meaning only ONE becomes changed during the decorating process. You see, you’ve already learned something with the help of Smart T’s!

    Garments, in basic terms, reduce per unit with the more you order; you may order ONE garment to be stitched but, if you have a bespoke design, the time to upload the embroidery programme and thread the correct colours for each needle will be spread over the number of units of each job – this will make a single item relatively expensive; we are able to advise the “cost-effective” number for each order to allow you to make your own decision as to how many to order.

    Whatever your project, profession or club, if you can answer our questions, we can answer your needs – we’re only a phone call away!

    What have you got to lose? Quotes are FREE and just look at our “guarantee”…!

    Our satisfaction guarantee!

    We are so proud of our Service and the Quality of our products if you are not completely and utterly delighted, for any reason whatsoever, we will offer to replace your order free of charge!  Who else offers that?

    Click HERE and fill in the form and we’ll put together a quote for you…

    • How many images/logos to print?

    • How many stitch positions?

    • Number of colours for EACH position

    • Recommended qualities

      Silver Occasional leisurewear / souvenir use
      Gold Regularwear / souvenir use
      Workwear Everyday heavy soil / hard wearing use
    • T-Shirt quality / colour

    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • Polo Shirt quality / colour

    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • Sweat Shirt quality / colour

    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • Hooded Sweat shirt quality/colour

    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • Rugby Shirt leisure quality

      (for player quality, please call to discuss)
    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • Fleece Jacket quality / colour

    • (currently not shown on this site – please enquire for full details)
    • please enter style, manufacturer, code (if possible)
    • please specify end use (such as promotion/retail/souvenir)
    • You may call 01322 280089 (Mon – Fri 09.30 – 17.00) should you wish to discuss your requirements; alternatively you may complete your specific details in the box below


    Our turnaround time is normally 10 working days from receipt of your purchase order, payment and artwork, but we can often meet urgent deadlines. Rush jobs of 7 days or less can be accommodated but may be subject to a surcharge. Changes made to your order after placing could cause delay and may incur further charges.

    Supplying artwork for embroidery

    (for Printing, click here):

    If you are supplying a design or a logo for use in embroidery, please read the following guidelines on how best to send this to us:

    • We are able to make use of most designs or images that you send us – even a rough sketch! However, if your design requires work by our Designers or Studio Team to make it useable for embroidery, additional artwork charges may apply.
    • For simple image amendments or ‘tidying up’ we will normally perform this free. For complex designs and new creations by our artwork team, our costs are £25 per hour plus VAT. If you are unsure, please send your artwork file in to us for assessment.
    • We are able to use many file formats for embroidery as the stitching programme is “over-written” on your file but our preferences are JPEG, PDF, Illustrator or Photoshop files (ai, eps or pdf). Resolution is less of a concern for embroidery but we must be able to define the image to be able to write over it; word documents (or similar PC files) are best converted to JPEG or PDF.

    Minimum Orders

    The minimum embroidery order is only one! But you will find significant price breaks if you order more. By all means email your design (or state what you have in mind) and we will calculate prices for you.

    Garment Option

    Don’t forget, you can always browse our on-line catalogue for a large range of the items we can supply, but we will be more than happy to recommend the right garment that is most suitable for you.

    Payment Terms

    For new customers we operate a pro-forma invoice scheme. Upon receipt of your order we will send out a pro-forma invoice which can be settled by BACS or Cheque. We also accept all major credit/debit cards.